{A course to help you find the job you're meant to be doing}
Hating your job sucks.  We've all been there.  When your boyfriend asks "how was your day?" and you stare at him with dead eyes, while your predictive text guesses 😫🔫."   So let's change that, shall we? 

The WORK YOU LOVE course is for people who want (and need) to find a job they feel passionate about—because one more day of "just making it through" isn't going to cut it. 

You’ll look at your career—and yourself—from a new perspective, make new connections, get your foot in the door with dream companies, clean up that resume (finally), and start seeing proof that you CAN, in fact, find a job you love. 
How does it work? Glad you asked….
That is rooted in what you’re passionate about, and built around smart, actionable steps to making those dreams a reality in 30 Days (think digital & printable planners with daily to-do’s). 
I’ll be guiding you through the big questions (What do I want to do with my life??) and the small ones (How do I fix this resume line?), all through Live 24/7 Access in our private FB Group.
You’ll get to connect and hear stories from other like-minded job seekers who share open positions, tips, and networks as you go through the process of finding meaningful careers together.  
You’ll get 6 Beautifully Designed Workbooks, 8 Mini-podcasts, 3 Videos, 1 Career Planner and a bunch of worksheets and checklists to help keep you focused and inspired. 
You’ll get behind-the-scenes tips and stories from some of the best 2018 business owners and recruiters through live interviews, mini-podcasts, and digital downloads in the course. 
You’ll finally start getting job opportunities, offers, and interviews in the next month because you need to start having some big wins in order to believe that “work you love” truly exists. 
"So much of what Kelsey said resonated with me and I was incredibly inspired to shift my thinking. She perfectly articulated the challenges I had been feeling and her tools and advice allowed me the turn ideas into action."
Twitter, Head of Brand Strategy
"Within 3 months I had the best interview, landed a new job, and connected with someone I’d always wanted to. I felt proud and excited for the first time in a long time, because this course helped me ask the best questions in an interview. Some of the most useful tools that Kelsey passed along were how to craft my cover letter and how to speak in interviews. Now I have a cover letter that gets my foot in the door and the best set of interview questions. I am so excited, shocked, happy, and proud that I was able to get a new job after working with Kelsey.  I feel my life is starting again. The most surprising part of the experience so far is getting what I want."
Christine, WYL Course Member
Big Win! Tomorrow I have an interview with an agency in Seattle, which opens up the possibility of lots of contract editing work (including with Amazon!). How did I do this? Jazzing up my resume and sending a *third* request with a fun cover letter, all per what I learned from the workbooks."
Mary, WYL Course Member
"I was expecting a lot and Kelsey met and exceeded my expectations. I felt inspired, and by the end I felt much so that I took action on my plan the next week."
Intuit, Senior Development Manager
"She's a blend of emotional intelligence and business acumen, and has the empathy needed to get to the heart of the issue, along with the discipline to help her clients get over the line. Kelsey has a true gift to bring out the best in both the person and the professional."
-Glassdoor, Global Sales Enablement, Senior Manger
We'll start by creating a planning board that determines the exact people and companies you want (and need) to connect with in order to start getting job opportunities that actually excite you. This starts with soul searching, and ends with action planning. 
We'll then perfect the art of reaching out and having great conversations with people (even if you're an introvert), in a way that highlights your authenticity and strengths.  This is about confidence, conversation, and connection.  
Cover letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Resumes... they are crucial to first impressions - so we're going to build you some that make you sound more impressive than you give yourself credit for... and we're going to do it fast.
Knowing what you stand for, your go-to stories, and the things that make you unique will make connecting with people instantly easier.  We'll develop these quickly with a proven fill-in-the-blank formula to nail interviews and coffee dates. 
Know what offers to say yes and no to by getting clear on what you really want. We'll solidify your plan, in writing, so the next time you have to make a big career decision (new job or new project) you'll now have a go-to guide.
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*BONUS TRAININGS: How & When To Negotiate, Interview Statements & Questions, How To Change Career Direction, 3 Ways To Get Your Foot In The Door
Kelsey Murphy is a Career Consultant & Life Coach for Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Twitter, ViaSat - as well as the founder of Whiskey & Work, an online community dedicated to honest conversations about ambition, goal-setting, leadership, and striking a healthy work-life balance. Her background comes from the Advertising industry as the Account Director for Nintendo, Go Pro, Elizabeth Arden, and Dasani.  Today Kelsey coaches people who want to feel different at work—more purposeful, more lit up, more satisfied.  She specializes in career strategy and communication, works 1:1 with employees from companies like Google, Apple, Gap, Glassdoor, Sundance and more. Kelsey has been featured as an expert for Forbes' top ranked career sites, Business Insider, Huffington Post, Livestrong, Living Healthy, The Muse, and But on her other business card it might say snowboarder, eater, dreamer and fresh-air-addict.  You can come say hello at